15 Common Dental Myths Debunked

woman at the dentist in brampton

A myth is a widely held but false idea. A lot of people have certain ideas about dental hygiene and dentists. Dentists in Brampton hear a lot of such myths and excuses. They strongly advice patients to get to know the facts before they make assumptions about dental hygiene. Dentists in Brampton suggest patients to consult a dentist periodically. Dentists in Brampton have debunked the following common myths.

woman at the dentist in brampton

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Brushing prior to a dental appointment makes a difference:

Dentists in Brampton say they encounter many patients who brush vigorously before meeting their dentist. We all believe that we can hide the flaws of our teeth by brushing right before we meet a Dentists in Brampton. We brush, floss and even use a mouth wash before attending a session with our Dentists in Brampton. This makes no difference in our teeth. One proper dental routine will not change the damage or fool your dentist in any way. They are trained to see the flaws in your teeth. Dentists in Brampton will put them under a magnifying glass and will be able to see the problems even if you brush for an extensive period before meeting the dentist.

Extensive brushing helps keep teeth healthy:

Brushing twice a day can surely affect your dental health as it helps clean and remove the remnants of the food you ate throughout the day. Dentists in Brampton say that while brushing twice a day is a healthy habit, too much of it is bad. Excessive brushing, flossing, etc. could lead to loss of enamel. Toothpastes contain corrosive material to remove the plague from your teeth. Dentists in Brampton say that these erode the enamel and make the teeth weak and more prone to diseases. Rinsing your mouth is a much healthier alternative as it cleans the food particles stuck in your teeth and gums and doesn’t erode your enamel, say Dentists in Brampton.

Wisdom teeth are of no importance and must be removed:

Wisdom teeth are considered as vestigial organs, say Dentists in Brampton. They were critical for our ancestors who used to head hard and raw food. These teeth usually occur between the ages of 17-25. As we evolve, our mouth is becoming smaller to make place for the growing brain. This renders the wisdom teeth useless and also causes our mouths to become overcrowded when they grow out. If wisdom teeth are not growing properly, that is, they are growing in a diagonal manner or overlapping, they can cause infections and jaw pain. Dentists in Brampton believe that wisdom teeth shouldn’t be taken out unless absolutely necessary. A research has shown that the pulp in our molars contains stem cells which can be essential in re-growing teeth. This could be helpful in case of severe dental diseases, say Dentists in Brampton. Wisdom teeth are like the appendix. If they are not causing any harm, it is better to let them stay, suggest Dentists in Brampton.

Going to dentist will be painful:

This is the most common myth. We hear this a lot, especially from patients who have had bad experiences. Dentists in Brampton declare this to be completely false. Regular check-ups are not painful at all. With advanced technologies adapted by Dentists in Brampton and sedation dentistry these visits are not painful at all. Even major surgeries have become painless. If a regular routine is followed, it becomes an even simpler procedure. Going to the dentist helps avoid pain on the contrary. The Dentists in Brampton can see possible issues and give rectifiable actions to follow. This helps make the visit painless.

I should only visit the dentist when my teeth hurt:

Dentists in Brampton strongly advise against this practice. Dentists in Brampton say that while the hurting of teeth may be an indicator of problems it is not the only thing we should rely on. Dentists in Brampton advise patients to meet their dentists at least once in six months. If you do not visit your Dentists in Brampton regularly, it may cause you to be unaware of issues which are prevalent until they have advanced drastically. Regular and timely visits can help keep your teeth healthy and determine possible diseases. A Dentists in Brampton can help analyze what kind of hereditary diseases can be expected and how to deal with them. Teeth may not hurt for some diseases until they have advanced to a later stage and this could be harmful for your health and hygiene. Regular visits are stressed upon and help give you a clear dental hygiene plan.

Brushing and flossing are not as important as dentists make them out to be:

Dentists in Brampton say that this is a harmful misconception. Brushing and flossing are an integral part of your dental hygiene routine. It is important to brush and floss every day. This is to be done twice. Although it is not necessary to brush and floss after every meal, it is highly essential to do it twice a day at the least. Some people say that there is no need for this as early human never did any of this and still had healthy teeth. They also say that this is just a way for dentists to increase their income. Dentists in Brampton strongly disagree with the above statements and suggest flossing and brushing as teeth have to adjust to the new components of our food and acid present in them which could harm our teeth if they are not neutralized. Dentists in Brampton emphasize on the importance of brushing and flossing twice a day to prevent harm to teeth.

Most dental diseases are due to old age:

Dentists in Brampton disagree with this statement. Most diseases occur due to poor hygiene and maintenance of teeth. They may occur due to unplanned dental routine, relaxation in maintenance of hygiene and also avoidance of the teeth and its needs. Old age may be a factor of weakening of teeth and gums, but they are not a cause for all dental diseases.  Most diseases occur around the age of 15-40. Lack of care and nutrition to the teeth is the factor which affects the teeth the most. Lack of important vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 can cause diseases like Scurvy, etc. These are not a factor of old age but poor care. Hence, we should not assume that a younger set will repair itself or it is not prone to diseases. We must take proper care and maintain our teeth from birth, say Dentists in Brampton.

Children need not be taken to the dentist until their teeth start falling out:

This is a gross misconception, say Dentists in Brampton. The teeth of a child must be taken care of since their formation. A child must be taken to a pediatrician so that a plan can be made for the care and hygiene of the child’s teeth. The child has sensitive teeth which require attention. Proper care and attention will ensure that the child has healthy teeth from a young age. Preventive measures can be taken for diseases which run in the family and also any deformity can be corrected at an early age. These measures will help the child have a bright smile and healthy routine and can be helpful in preventing diseases. Hence, a child must be taken to the dentist as early as possible say Dentists in Brampton. Dentists in Brampton also suggest selecting a family dentist with care. Their clinic must be able to provide all the state of the art facilities for proper care and treatment of your family’s teeth.

Dental treatments should be avoided during pregnancy as they are harmful to the child:

This is an old wives’ tale and is unfortunately followed widely. It is believed that the dental treatments performed during pregnancy could harm the mother and the child. This is not true. Dentists in Brampton are looking to make you healthier and also your child. The mother may be concerned about certain things, but they can rest assured that these may be done with your consent and only if it is absolutely necessary. No Dentists in Brampton is going to prescribe medicines or any other procedure if he doesn’t find it harmless for your child and you. The Dentists in Brampton only wants to promote your health and in turn your child’s health too.

Root canals are a painful procedure:

Root canals involve the removal of the affected nerves. These are done only when the dental cavity has been so worsened that it has destroyed the pulp and rendered the tooth useless. Dentists in Brampton say that these procedures are the most basic surgeries performed. They are completely harmless and least invasive. These surgeries are performed to prevent the decay from spreading to another tooth and in advanced cases affecting numerous teeth and weakening the gums. The surgery is painless and in fact performed to relieve the pain. The teeth do become sensitive to cold or hot items for a while after surgery but the procedure as such is painless. These are done by keeping the patient under the influence of anesthesia and therefore numbing the are they are working on, say Dentists in Brampton. The advancement in new technologies in the digital age has made this procedure less invasive, time effective and simple. Dentists in Brampton stand by the fact that it is an absolutely painless procedure.

Braces are for the young:

Although childhood is the ideal age to get braces, there is no age limit to get braces. It is true that since the bones of adults have stopped growing, some structural defects cannot be fixed without surgery. Having said this, Dentists in Brampton completely support adults planning to get braces. Dentists in Brampton say that these adults have come out of this with excellent results. The process may take longer than it would take for a child or adolescent, but this does not mean that the results will be mediocre, say Dentists in Brampton. Through development, new discoveries and invention of new technologies in dentistry, Dentists in Brampton feel that the adults can also enjoy the benefits of braces.

The date for the removal of braces will not change:

Many people feel that Dentists in Brampton are taking advantage of them and finding new ways to make money when they hear that they need to attend a few more sittings before their braces can be removed. Braces work with the help of vibrations. Dentists in Brampton can only predict that the braces can come off at such and such a date. They cannot guarantee anything as it depends on how much your teeth have progressed and healed. The Dentists in Brampton will only remove the braces when he/she is satisfied with how your teeth have been corrected. The correction may take longer than expected and hence the date can be extended to a later one or even earlier one.

Consuming too much sugar can cause tooth decay:

This is not a completely false myth. The actual statement may be how often you consume sugar than how much. If you constantly eat sugary treats they will reside in between your teeth and cause plague and provide a base for germs to grow and multiply. Eating a whole cake in one sitting is considered better than eating ten sugary treats a day. Dentists in Brampton believe a simple and thorough rinse after eating such treats could help prevent harm to the teeth.

When your gums are bleeding you shouldn’t brush your teeth:

Gums bleed due to the presence of plague, say Dentists in Brampton. Brushing and flossing could actually help repair the gums feel Dentists in Brampton. Gum bleeding is simply a sign that you are experiencing some sort of gum disease and need the attention of a Dentists in Brampton. If you have sensitive gums, you can make use of a soft toothbrush or brush at an angle, say Dentists in Brampton.

Aspirin can stop your toothache:

Aspirin is not meant for dental issues. It does not enter the tooth structure and help relieve pain say Dentists in Brampton. The usage of aspirin can cause a burning sensation in your gums say Dentists in Brampton.