Advantages of Dental Implants – The Artificial Tooth Root

Dental implants are nothing but metal posts attached to your jawbones. Artificial teeth are mounted onto your implants which enable secure fit and natural looking strong teeth. Dentures and bridges mounted on your implants will have a strong grip and look like natural teeth. They are a great benefit when it comes to speaking and eating. Let’s look at all the advantages you can have from having dental implants:

Flexibility in Size

You can provide a base for a single tooth as well as multiple teeth using dental implants. They can be arranged as a bridge and enable multiple tooth replacements.

Better Grip and Secure Fit

Implants provide better grip than just crowns. They help secure the artificial tooth with the jaw bone disabling it from shaking or moving. They provide a secure fit to enable normal pain-free crunching.

Removable Feature

One can opt for a removable implant in case of any bone loss. This is also a good choice for implanting more than 5 teeth. Here, an implant bridge is fixed on which a denture can be attached and removed by the patient himself.

Improved Appearance

One cannot find any difference between an implant and a natural tooth. It looks and feels like permanent teeth as it is fused with the bone.

Better Speech

The advanced grip provides shake-free implants. This prevents the tooth from slipping or moving and avoiding any slurry words.

Easier Eating

Chewing hard food becomes a great backdrop by attaching crowns. But implants provide solid grip and natural comfort allowing you to enjoy your favorite food without any moving and or pain.

Better Comfort

Discomforts are not even felt as they look and feel as your natural permanent teeth. Implants enable you to chew gums and crack almond shells just like your natural teeth.

Usual Maintenance

Implants require no extra treatment. They are treated as your natural teeth. One can brush and floss just like before to maintain good oral health.