What is Root Canal and why does one need it?

When an infection begins at the center of the tooth, called the pulp, a root canal is required. The cause of the infection can be many, such as: cracking of the tooth chip or decaying or even repeated dental procedures. Root canal is a way to preserve what’s left of your pulp. Without the treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth may also get infected and abscesses may form. Once the infection is detected, it is better to perform the treatment as soon as possible. In case you currently don’t have the time you can ask your dentists for a few antibiotics to prevent the infection from spreading. The antibiotics can buy a maximum of four to five weeks after which the treatment has to be undergone.

Is there any other alternative?

A typical dental perspective is “If root canal therapy is indicated for a tooth there really is no alternative treatment other than an extraction.” The next best alternative for Root Canal would be Tooth Extraction .i.e., plucking the tooth. But you don’t need a doctor to tell you that preserving your natural teeth is a much better option that throwing it away.

What does it involve?

Root Canal or endodontic treatment begins with anesthetizing your gums so that you have a painless treatment. The crown of the infected tooth will be drilled to remove the decay and reach the pulp chamber. Specially designed files are used to clean the infection and the unhealthy part of the pulp. The formed canal is then cleaned and disinfected completely using irrigation. The canal is then dried, filled and sealed with a special root canal material called gutta-percha, to keep the tooth away from any infection or any other contamination.