Dentistry for all under one roof!

As a Family dentists in Brampton, we ensure the good health of the primary baby teeth that erupts as a toddler till it falls out and the permanent teeth erupt, educating the child as well as the parents on how to maintain the good health of the child’s dentition, As a Family Dentist Brampton, it just doesn’t stop there, as the kid grows, general cleaning twice a year is administered and patient education of maintain the hygiene, protecting the teeth from plaque and calculus, is given. In this stage, if any braces treatment is required, the Family Dentist starts with the process along with an orthodontist.

family dentist in brampton

When it comes to adults, we, as Family Dentist in Brampton aim at administering the best health and appearance for your smile throughout Brampton. Like the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’ , we have regular check-ups twice a years for a round of cleaning and making sure there’s no decay to be seen anywhere. Administering Fluorides to prevent decay is also done. Catching the trouble when it’s small can save the patient from a root canal therapy and crown which has to be done once the decay is too deep

There are a number of ways we help in giving you a better smile, making you more confident with your looks and giving you a public appeal among your kin and kind. Fluorosis and stained teeth can be treated with veneers and other such cosmetic corrections to bring out the beautiful you!

If required, a tooth could be saved from being extracted out, in the worst case, after extraction, your natural teeth can be easily replaced with implants that look just as natural! To all the senior citizens out there at Brampton, your Family Dentist as always at your service to replace those shaky teeth with a comfortable denture so that you can bite that walnut you have been wanting to for quite a while now!

Your family Dentist should be the first preference when it comes to a lump or a bump in your mouth, a simple query about how to maintain your hygiene or a cosmetic correction; Family Dentist Brampton is your answer. Once you confide in them, you needn’t worry about your tooth at all!